After the storm is clear….

I remember it like it was yesterday..5 minutes ago in fact. A co-worker of mine was mourning the passing of his mother. I remember him saying that she had fallen and broken her hip and wasn’t doing too well. I told him that I’d be praying for him and his family. Deep inside,I didn’t know what I would do if it were me. I was raised an only child by a single mother. Sure I have other family, but only one mother who I couldn’t imagine being without. To say the inevitability of his situation was sobering is beyond an understatement. No more than 20 minutes later I saw the same gentleman break down in a deluge of tears. When a man cries uncontrollably the pain is borderline unbearable. I knew instantly his mother had passed away and offered what comfort I could. I remember saying a prayer for him and calling and checking in on my mother.

Fast forward maybe 3 weeks later on a sunny September morning. My wife calls to tell me something is wrong and we need to leave work now. She’s vague about details and she tells me that her mother is sick. She tells me to meet her at the car and she’ll let me know what’s going on when she sees me. I leave work puzzled and very concerned about my mother in law never anticipating the bomb that was about to be dropped on me. She arrives and proceeds to tell me that my mother has passed away in her sleep. I’m instantly numb. My biggest (and sometimes only) cheerleader, my counselor,my best friend,my heart and soul, the only constant throughout my entire life…..gone. No level of preparation can ready you for that,but God will see you through always.

Certain people are placed in your life for these types of situations. You without question get to see everyone for who they are. Some rose to the occasion ,some wilted,and some limited their involvement out of convenience. Such is life. You have to roll with the cards you’re dealt and keep on living, praying,and believing. I’ll end this by saying thank you to everyone for their love and support. Believe it or not, her greatest gift was the song within her spirit that manifested itself in physical melodies. Love and miss you..everyday mama! ~Sed

One thought on “After the storm is clear….

  1. So sweet, it’s so ironic that the description you give about your Mother is the very light I see you in! It’s been years since the 1st time I met you, and let’s just say you left a lifetime lasting impression, lol! You’re truly a blessing and a lot of times I look to your Facebook page for peace of mind, I know it’s one genuine page that’s filled with encouragement, knowledge and love all in one! So friend, know that you are loved and held in high regards by many, well….me, you know I’m selfish, lol!!!
    ~nitra 2012


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