**DOPE NEW VIDEO** Kendrick Lamar – For Free? (Interlude)

Ludacris and The Roots go back to the future with an acoustic version of What’s Your Fantasy

TXstateOvMind- A2A-Po’Man’sOddyssey

Believe while others doubt!

Aahh..everyone loves an overflowing of positivity right? This quote is actually posted in my office for several reasons; allow me to explain. Years ago I dreamt of making music that would change the world, but wasn’t necessarily comfortable with the direction the people around me wanted me to take. It was never about the money to me, but certain folks around me did what they believed necessary to get ahead.Whatever that may have been is now water under the bridge, but the lesson amongst all of the negativity they projected was to stay true to myself. I was young and somewhat impressionable, but I also knew who I represented. To a huge extent they gave up on me once I ceased to serve their purpose, but as they excused themselves from my life a tremendous peace and resolve emerged.

As they spewed ugly rumors behind my back I picked up the pieces and progressed without them. I wish no ill will to anyone (well..not anymore anyway) because if they never speak another word to me I learned a valuable lesson…To NEVER seek mans approval! You are unique,beautiful,talented, and literally a miracle. You are here to serve a divine purpose and you will accomplish it…you have to! You are not are right on us all a favor and BRING IT! Anything else is not only cheating the world, but cheating yourself. Don’t sell yourself short.. Get Busy!
Peace and Blessings!

Sing as if no one is listening!

This is actually a video of my mother that surfaced on the day that she passed away. A wonderful reminder to use your gift , whatever that may be, in service to mankind. Take it away lefty!

DAngelo Live Mixtape- Sam Champ


D'angelo live mixtape

DAngelo Live – Sam Champ.

I’m a D’Angelo me this guy is one of the best producer/singer/musician/songwriters in the game. This is a good look into the energy he brings in the live enviroment. The arrangements are tight and he delivers every time. Download it for free at the link above.

Prime Loops | Blog | How To Make Your Kicks Cut Through the Mix!

I ran across this blog checking out some drums on here. Say what you want but Prime Loops bangs I scooped up a pack or 3. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Prime Loops | Blog | How To Make Your Kicks Cut Through the Mix!.

“Boy you got some hell in you!” – The Roundtable

Exclaimed the Legendary K-Rino when I laid my verse down on this I actually was in Houston training with a company I had just started working for (who shall remain nameless). A mutual friend called him up and passed my info along. I remember him saying for me to spit something over the phone and the next day he and Murder One came and to the studio we went. Here I am a kid from Austin in a room full of heavyweights ,and they all showed me love. I remember the positivity in the lab and thinking I went in until K got up to do his I also remember the engineer telling me that I was in a room full of stars, and that I got their respect and I belonged.
Encouragement goes a long way folks. Maybe I’ll get a chance to do it again one day?!! Peace and Blessings