“Boy you got some hell in you!” – The Roundtable

Exclaimed the Legendary K-Rino when I laid my verse down on this song..lol. I actually was in Houston training with a company I had just started working for (who shall remain nameless). A mutual friend called him up and passed my info along. I remember him saying for me to spit something over the phone and the next day he and Murder One came and to the studio we went. Here I am a kid from Austin in a room full of heavyweights ,and they all showed me love. I remember the positivity in the lab and thinking I went in until K got up to do his verse..lol. I also remember the engineer telling me that I was in a room full of stars, and that I got their respect and I belonged.
Encouragement goes a long way folks. Maybe I’ll get a chance to do it again one day?!! Peace and Blessings